Artist's Statement: Yunie LeNoue

Unlike other jobs, I feel that art is an occupation that can be maintained only by individuals who love it with all of their being. In my viewpoint, expressing the love of art means doing art the same way that children play with their favorite toys: spontaneously, naturally, effortlessly, joyfully, and with boundless energy. When children play, they are engaging fully in the moment with unselfconscious action. For me, producing art is a similar event of uncontained passion and expression. Art should be done from a sense of longing and a desire to engage the world, not out of a sense of duty or pressure to produce. The studio should be a fun place for an artist, a playground, not a jobsite where one is forced to work. Even though creative production demands an exhaustion of the spirit as well as periods of difficult physical labor, in the same way that children never tire of playing, an artist never loses the essential longing toward art.

My artwork is also influenced by my experience with travel. As an expatriate from my own home country, I am fortunate to have visited and lived in a variety of places around the world. I find that travel leaves me open as an artist, and every step into a new place offers me potential resources for paintings. I always try to capture my ideas and inspirations with photography, journaling, sketches or small watercolors – whatever it takes to preserve the moment so that I can consider the subjects and events at leisure later.

I also like to use a wide range of materials, both to capture my creative feelings and intentions and to fit the setting that I am working and living in. Lately, with a fairly well-equipped studio at my disposal, I have been using acrylic paints on canvas, oils on occasion, and watercolor and pastel on paper. My choices of materials also tend to reflect my subject matter or the purpose I find in the work. And I continue to enjoy the simplicity of creating with traditional, basic tools like pen, charcoal, and pencil.

As for subject matter in my painting, I often work to capture human messages or emotions. At other times, I will randomly choose natural objects that appear to fit the purposes of my desired technical expression. In terms of technique, I use strongly contrasting colors, simple, bold lines, and clear divisions between generous portions of space dedicated to subject and context. These approaches help me clearly express the images I have in mind for the drawing, and they comprise my personal method of expression, which involves making several basic and rather simple elements work together to convey complexity in both message and form.

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