Yunie LeNoue is a visual artist who is currently living in America. She has studied art since childhood, and received her BA and MFA degrees in Korea. Yunie has been teaching art and showing her work in galleries for more than 20 years.

Yunie taught all levels of students while operating a private Art Institute in Korea, and also worked as a high school art teacher at Al Ain English Speaking School, a private British Secondary School in the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays, she tutors students in her studio as well as producing and showing her own work.

Since leaving Korea in 1997, Yunie has lived and traveled in a variety of places including Hawaii, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Turkey, Oman, Thailand, the Philippines, Holland, and Ecuador. This varied life has been a source of inspiration for Yunie’s choice of subjects and an influence on her style. Yunie is a successful exhibition and gallery artist, and her work is in the possession of private collectors in Korea, Canada, England, Germany, UAE, and the USA.