Yunie LeNoue Philosophy of Art Education

I believe it is important to understand the student’s mind and individual creative vision and process. This makes it possible to approach the doing of art in a way that the student can relate to and comprehend. It is the teacher’s job to build a close relationship with the students and their work so that instructional guidance can be delivered in a way that makes practical, concrete sense to the student. A close relationship between teacher, student, and the artwork allows the student to work confidently and understand and accept the teacher’s feedback without feeling threatened. This leads to the production of higher quality work. Students must be guided into expressing their ideas freely, with a sense of joy and fun, rather then being afraid of the empty canvas or paper.

Class Content

In my Painting Classes, students from beginning to advanced skill levels will be taught to produce excellent work in varied mediums, with a focus on mastery of material handling. The class includes comprehensive training in the development of pieces from initial idea generation/sketch phases through completion.

Sketching Classes are for students who want to focus on learning basic drawing and shading techniques with pencil, pen, charcoal, etc.

Craft Classes will help children develop their overall creativity and handiwork skills while creating fun and imaginative mixed-media art and sculpture pieces.

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